I'm so happy to have you here. Midnight by Verbena is an extention of my heart, soul, & spirit. I hope it ignites the fires of your inner light to help you find your way back home just as it has done for me.

- Clarissa

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The Witches Sabbat Collection

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I love this oil! It is so beautiful and it works in a phenomenal way!


I love everything from this shop! The real deal testimony is that this works.


I've now bought several oils (and have another on the way) and these oils are just exceptional! I am a witch and live in an area where getting high quality things for my craft can be challenging so I am thrilled to have these! I absolutely would recommend these and will be buying regularly!💜


Literal magic!

Ashley E.

Everything smells AMAZING! I could feel the power and strength in the oils and balm as soon as I unwrapped them. 

Amber H.

I'm a repeat customer and if you aren't already, you will be. I purchased this to play a part of cleansing and blessing my new home. It is so versatile. I used it in my paint for the walls, anoint on my body when I feel like I need a boost, and as a part of jar/bottle spells. And it smells AMAZEBALLS. A warm, cinnamon-y clove-ish blend that definitely packs a punch. Can't wait to use it in other things!

Kate C.

I love this product! I used it as a central part of a ritual for cleansing and blessing my new home and it was perfect. It had a very light scent, but you could still detect it. It was fresh and clean and beautiful. I could feel the prosperous and protective energy. Plus it made my hardwood floors sparkle like the night sky! Will def be getting more! Thanks, Clarissa!

Katherine E.

Superior Louisiana Van Van Oil. Quality customer service and packaging, Thank you!


It’s been awhile since I bought this product, and I’m glad I waited to leave a honest review. Personally, since I started using this oil (Glamour Magick) I’ve been feeling a lot more confident in myself. Had a lot of days where I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw, but now I legitimately feel super attractive and I’m putting in more effort to take care and enhance my features. I feel very beautiful and now I’m actually grasping what makes me feel beautiful. Thank you so much, obviously I’ll be buying from you again.


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