Traveling Altar Set

Traveling Altar Set

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Each kit contains |

  • 1 box of Nag Champa Incense Cones with matches
  • Ritual Glass Cup 
  • 1 White Linen Altar Cloth
  • 1 half ounce roller ball of Midnight by Verbena Manifest Condition Oil
  • Florida Water 2 oz Travel Size Bottle
  • 1 Blank Field Journal for Petitions, recording prayers, observations, etc
  • 3 Cowrie Shells
  • 1 Vial of Red Brick Dust
  • 1 Vial of Cascarilla
  • 1 Vial of Midnight by Verbena Witches Black Salt
  • 3 XL Bay Laurel Leaves
  • 3 Palo Salto Hand rolled Incense Sticks
  • 1 Mini Cinnamon Broom
  • 1 Clear Quartz Point
  • 1 Mini Midnight by Verbena Dragons Blood Spiritual Soap 
  • 1 Midnight by Verbena Gris Gris of your choice
  • 3 Midnight by Verbena Tealights of your choice.

For your Gris Gris and Fixed Tea light set, please leave your selections in the order comment box. 

This does not come in a cigar or wooden box. I decided against it because it needs to be picked by you to suit your style and travel needs.