The Winter Solstice Share

The Winter Solstice Share

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Inspiration sourced from the Winter Solstice put into motion the blueprint for a curated apothecary share box. Released quarterly with the seasonal shifts and the spirits of those seasons containing a medley of spiritual and metaphysical items. Available once a year, only. 

The *Limited Release* Winter Solstice Share contents:

Neoma 17oz jarred soy wooden wicked candle. Prepared and fixed with subtle Fraser Fir and Birch fragrance and botanicals such as white roses, life everlasting, hawthorn, and mistletoe.

Metamorphosis spiritual solstice soap. Prepared and fixed with a sweet earthy Verbena scent, pomegranate flowers, chrysanthemums, thistle, and tigers eye pebbles.

Dark Goddess 2 oz herbal tea. Hand selected by our local small business coffee shop, Coast Roast. This loose herbal black tea is blended with pomegranate flavors. Contains caffeine. 

Turquoise crystal 

Ancient Mother of Mid Winter 11oz heavy base soy wooden wicked candle. Prepared and fixed with notes of sweet yet spicy plum and cassia fragrance. Fixed with herbs Saffron and Cardamom. 

Centered 1oz herbal tea. Prepared with angelica root, lemon balm, chamomile, wood betony, st johns wort. Energetically anchored for calming and centering the mind and spirit during times of unsettledness and sorrow. 

Of the Earth 6oz Ayurvedic Foot Scrub. Holy Tulsi, Rose, Sesame and Olive Oil, Mediterranean and Himalayan sea salts work together to ground those sensitive to the cold **Vatta energy of winter. Scented with a blend of patchouli, birch, amber, dahlia, neroli for an earthy, warming touch. 

**Those with Vatta imbalance will benefit greatly from this scrub but it can be used effectively by any Dosha regardless. 

Iridescent 2oz Beauty Balm. Le Divine Feminin's 'daughter' balm. Comprised of a base blend of Le Divine Feminin and Olive oil infused calendula. Scented with Neroli, Orange Blossom, Frankincense for a sultry, alluring, uplifting blend. Spelled for warmth, confidence, and a shine like no other.