Gardenia Floral Oil

Gardenia Floral Oil

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Gardenia flower will easily exhilarate the mood and calm the soul. Leaving the person with a hug-like feeling. It transmutes weakness into strength.

Staves off strife and brings comfort to those struggling with the grieving journey. It’s vibration is feminine in nature making it a star player in recipes involving love, romance, pleasure, sensuality, sweetness, and healing.

These flowers convey the message of dreams, self-reflection, and protection. In some parts of Asia, gardenia is considered a very pure flower; as per their beliefs, these flowers reflect clarity and peace. Thus making it an idea botanical for keeping the vibrations of your home a peaceful one.

It can also be incorporated into works involving Spiritual connection. A dab on the pulse points before meditation or in a purple, blue, or white can bring powerful yet gentle sweet clarity. 

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