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Condition Oils

The purpose of a condition oil is limitless. They're used for dressing candles, spiritual baths, floor wash, anointing your spiritual tools, anointing altars, adding to your laundry soap (a few drops will do fine), religious statues, your car, bike, broom, windows, doorways, gris gris, your shoes, mirrors, iron nails/spikes, talismans, wallet, pens, hair brush, body, and so on.

When you open them, introduce yourself. Speak your name, prayers, desired goals into them. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Quiet your mind and allow your intuition to guide you.

There is no wrong way to use a condition oil (but it is important to keep in mind the nature of the oil). Example: one would never use Banishing oil in works to draw in a new lover or to bring in more business. 

Remember a little goes a long way. If you are choosing to anoint your body, place on the inside of your elbows, wrists, behind the ears, center of chest, behind your knees, bottoms of the feet, and between the thighs.

Shut the Fuck Up, FWOP, Banishing, Crossing, War oils are considered hot oils. They contain irritants and are not safe to use directly on the skin or hair. If you spill any enemy oils (STFU, Banishing, Crossing, War, Domination, Reversal), clean them up immediately and wash your hands/other effected areas. Follow up with a clearing water like Florida Water to reset the energy. 

Please do not ingest, these oils are for external use only. Always use them responsibly. If you have sensitive skin, please patch test prior. Discontinue use on skin if irritation occurs. 



Where you choose to burn your candle is completely up to you. Before you start the work, it’s important to cleanse yourself with a spiritual bath and then your space. Florida water, sage, palo santo, frankincense, or your preferred methods work.

Please remember to always burn candles away from anything flammable.

Prayers along with petitions are important to the candle burning ritual. This is how you communicate what you wish to happen to the spirits. Remember to speak strongly and in present tense as if it’s already happened for you. Build a connection with your candle, speaking gratitude to the spirits, the herbs, oils, and water for all coming together to assist you in your work.

I prefer to leave my glass 7 day candles burning uninterrupted in a large bowl of water. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can snuff it out (NEVER blow out the flame. This sends your prayers along with the spirits assisting you away from the work.)

For the artisan candles, you can snuff out if you like. I recommend letting them burn for at least 30 mins before turning them out.

 If not, please put them in a large bowl of water like the 7 days. Large enough to give the candle space, should it happen to get knocked over.

It’s important to put them in a bowl of water regardless because water acts as an offering and an additional conduit for the spirits to communicate with you.

When it’s time to relight the flame, remember to put the same strong prayers, intent, energy into the candle as you did for the initial lighting. When it’s time to dispose of the glass, place it in a trash can that is outside of your home. Dispose of the water outside.

Remember, not everyone is supposed to know what you’re working on. Do your very best to keep your work private (not allowing people to see it, not sharing photos on social media, or simply talking about it to others). Not everyone is your friend and wishes to see you succeed. These energies can get in the way of your manifesting and cause challenges.



How to use a floor wash and spiritual bath

Keeping your home clean and enchanted is just as important as candled work. Your home is your sacred space, your temple. A spiritual floor can be used to clean doors, walkways, doorways, floors, and baseboard.

While you are performing your regular cleaning habits to remove mundane dust and dirt, have a glass of water and 2 fresh white candles ready. Bring a pot of water (about 1 gallon) to a boil on your stove. If you are using this herbal mix for a spiritual bath, you’ll want to take your regular shower beforehand. Doing this primes the surface for enchantment. Take care to clear the air with your preferred method of smoke clearing or spritz the air with Florida Water.

Once your water is brought to a rolling boil, light 1 of the white candles and call on your ancestors to assist you in this working. Add your herbal contents and set a timer for 13 minutes. Depending on what herbal mix your boils, you’ll want to stir accordingly saying your prayers over the water. If you’re sending something away, stir counterclockwise. If you’re attracting or drawing something to you, stir clockwise. Feel free to add a few of your own twists to the pot like a condition oil or more herbs.

Remove from heat, strain, and allow the contents to cool to room temp.

If you’re using the wash for a spiritual bath, bring 1/3 of the blessed water and that second white candle into the bathroom with you. Light the candle and pray your concerns over it. When you feel you’re ready, draw a warm bath. Pour the blessed water over your head, making sure it runs down your body. Sit in the water for the next few minutes, speaking your prayers into the water. When you’re ready, drain the water and step out. Allow yourself to air dry or pat dry. Personally, I prefer airdrying because I want all the power of the roots to set into my skin. Dress in white, taking care to cover your head for protection and do not shower again until the following day.

Repeat the same steps with the remainder of the blessed bath for the following 2 days (making a total of 3 days). If you skip a day, you’ll have to start the entire process all over again.

For a floor wash: Depending on what your desired goal is, you want to start cleaning accordingly. Light that second white candle and pray your desires into it.

To draw something in: start at the front door, working your way through the space and each room clockwise. Tossing the water out the front door when you’re finished.

To send something away: start at the furthest point of the space and wash counterclockwise through the rooms. Take the remaining water to a location far away from your space and toss it. Don’t look back at where you tossed it. This tells Spirit you don’t trust in the work you’ve done.  

Repeat for the next 2 days (making 3 total)

It may seem like a lot of work but that’s why it’s called Spiritual WORK and not Spiritual EASY.

Activating and Caring for your Gris Gris

Your Gris Gris is your powerful ally and should be used by you alone. No one else is to see or touch it. If it helps, place it in a discreet second pouch to help honor this rule. I encourage you to give it a name that you can use to speak to it and ask for its direct assistance at any time.

Wake up the Mojo by spraying it with whiskey, white rum, or whatever your ancestors preferred to drink/native to their region. If you don't know, do a little research.

Allow to dry before wearing it on your skin.

For the first week, always keep it against your skin. This allows the spirits within it to become accustomed to your scent and vibration. Think of it as a bonding experience. You must sleep with it too. You can tuck it into your pillowcase if need be. Do not bathe with it. It needs to remain dry. If it gets washed, soaked with water/liquid it is now considered dead. If it's seen by another person, it's now considered dead. You'll never to replace it entirely. Dispose of it by burying it in the earth. 

After the first week, you no longer need to keep the mojo bag right up against your skin. You may keep it in your bra, pocket, purse, under your bed, in your wallet, or in your dresser drawer at home. I recommend you carry it with you when you specifically want its magical effects around you.

Once a week, feed it with liquor, tobacco, and condition oil taking great care not to drown it in liquid. This is to keep it strong and powerful.