Florida Water Balm 1 oz

Florida Water Balm 1 oz

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This balm is made with nourishing Shea butter, beeswax, and a homemade Calendula oil.

Each tin is infused with the refreshing citrus scent of the classic Florida water and is reinforced with spiritually cleansing recipe as well. 

Wear this balm on your pulse points to cleanse yourself of negative energy picked up from being in toxic environments and around toxic people. Florida water is said to also alleviate sunburns, bug bites, and bring peace to those who suffer from depression. 

This powerhouse balm is going to be your go to for all around spiritual balancing. Wash with my Florida Water soap and then anoint yourself with this balm for added power.

*Each balm comes in a 1oz tin.

*Forn external use only. Sold as curio*