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Shut the F*ck Up 1oz

Shut the F*ck Up 1oz

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This oil is used to stop someone from gossiping, spreading lies, speaking ill, and using harmful magick against you. 

Blended with black pepper (removing negativity or someone from your way), Coffee grounds (speeding up results), Ginger Root (Hex breaking), Woodruff (shuts up gossiping), Ancho Chile Pepper seeds (Breaks the evil eye and returns to sender), The Devil's Shoestring (Protection from gossip, harm, and evil eye returning), Saltpeter, and more..

Stop back stabbers in their tracks by anointing a black candle or a double action white/black candle. Please be careful when using this oil and wear protection if you're known to have an adverse reaction to Chile Peppers and Black Pepper.

*External Use Only* does not come with dropper

Sold as curio